Onondaga Lake Park
Saw Mill Shelter at Willow Bay

7199 Onondaga Lake Trail, Liverpool, NY

Check-in 9am to 10:30am
Walk begins at 11am

Adults - $25 includes T-shirt *
Children (18 and Under) - $15 includes T-shirt *

* T-shirts guaranteed for registrations received by June 21st 
Online Registration closes at 5pm on July 7th

Please join us this July 8th at Onondaga Lake Park for our second annual Appendix Cancer Awareness Walk. Registration is from 9am to 10:30am and the walk will kick off at 11am. We are holding this walk to increase awareness and create funding for education and research to find a cure for Appendix Cancer.

Appendix Cancer is a rare cancer which reportedly is diagnosed in about 1,500 people in the U.S. each year. Doctors and specialists believe there are more people that are misdiagnosed. More work needs to be done so we can understand this rare disease better, find treatments that are successful, and hopefully find a cure for Appendix Cancer. We need to get more education out for patients and spread awareness to the public.

My father, Bob Worden, was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer in July, 2014. He is still battling this nasty rare disease daily with determination on beating this. It is my mission and goal now to bring awareness to our community. We will not give up and we will continue to spread awareness about Appendix Cancer here in the Syracuse, NY area.

The Appendix Cancer Awareness Walk is an all-volunteer effort. All proceeds will benefit Appendx Cancer research and education through the ACPMP Research Foundation 501(3)c.

With your help, we all can make a difference! We appreciate your support!


GOAL: $10,000.00
Raised: $5,715.00
Registrants Activity
Joseph Albanese$75.00
Patricia Bigelow$120.00
Violet Boeding$25.00
Brian Brundige$250.00
Krystle Carr$65.00
Patricia Carr$50.00
Sue Carrington$40.00
Anne DaPrano$50.00
Michael Denely$25.00
Melanie Dunn$25.00
Weslee Eckler$25.00
Bridget Emert$25.00
Maria Fisher$100.00
Nadiya Goletsas$75.00
Florence Grant$50.00
Chelsea Kaye-Bidinger$50.00
Rebecca Langdon$25.00
Nancy Mitchell $50.00
Glenda Morales-Hanley$25.00
Belinda Morris$90.00
Laurie Mutz$50.00
Valerie Myers$75.00
Carrie Norton$50.00
Kylie Ortega$15.00
Susan Ortega$25.00
Thomas Quinlan$100.00
Heather Rudick$25.00
Stephen Scott$100.00
Melanie Sebesta$200.00
2017 Sponsors$2,500.00
Therese Surges$25.00
Craig Terpening$50.00
Sabrina Tetrault$65.00
Valerie Tweten$50.00
Rodney Williams$25.00
Melissa Wise$50.00
Breanne Worden $40.00
Brittany Worden$40.00
June Worden$50.00
Robert Worden $25.00
Robert Worden $815.00
Sandra Worden$50.00
Tiffany Worden $50.00
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